Welcome to Jennifer Costello Designs!

Jennifer Costello Designs, LLC began in 2009. However Jennifer had been designing cards long before that. In elementary school she always made Valentine cards for her classmates, inspired of course by Winnie the Pooh. In high school her art teacher told her that her designs would work well for greeting cards. The seed was planted and in college Jennifer began to focus more and more on card design. That’s when she also was making mini clay figurines. She took both her cards and figurines to a few craft fairs throughout the years.

After college she began looking for ways to make art and an income. Jennifer Costello Designs was born. Jennifer began going to small shops and boutiques around St. Louis charming them into selling her cards. A few said sure and now there are several shops that carry their cards. Not too long after a friend asked her to make a cake topper for her wedding. It was the couple riding a horse. Jennifer had found a new niche and started making cake toppers (most of them happened to be horses).

Jennifer loves having the opportunity to create something unique that someone will love.