The Beginnings of the Cake Toppers

Posted on 09/03/13 in News, No Comments

Over the past few years, my custom cake toppers have really begun to take off. 2013 has been an especially exciting time as I strive to meet each new challenge to craft a custom cake topper that reflects the unique personality of each couple. I feel delighted and fortunate people across North America are frequently asking for my cake toppers, and it has reminded me of how it all began.

I first started sculpting figurines when I was introduced to clay in 4th grade through a program at the Saint Louis Art Museum. Since then, I was sold. How cool was it that I could make anything I dreamt into detailed, playful three dimensional clay figurines? I later created a wedding figurine for my parents’ anniversary, and I realized it could be used as a cake topper. I began to offer them to family and friends. In fact, the very first one I made was for my brother and sister-in-law. I received wonderful feedback at the wedding, although I suppose it may have been biased since most of the guests were my friends and relatives:)

These days, and dozens and dozens of cake toppers later, I continue to handcraft each and every wedding cake topper with the same amount of dedication and excitement as when I first began. I love being able to create something each couple will cherish. A wedding cake topper may seem like a tiny detail. However, after the cake is eaten, the guests have gone home, the lights have been turned off, and the presents have been opened, your cake topper will always be there as a reminder of the magic, chaos, and beauty of your wedding day.

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