Thrift Shop Divas

Posted on 10/08/13 in News, No Comments

It’s time to get excited about a new show, currently on YouTube, that was created right here in Saint Louis! Thrift Shop Divas has partnered with Goodwill to transform lives on a budget. Whether it’s a home or wardrobe makeover the divas can turn Goodwill finds into real style.

This past June I had the opportunity to participate in a home makeover with Thrift Shop Divas. The talented crew was transforming an apartment for a woman and her two little girls. Using good finds and wits they made the apartment spectacular from ceiling to floor. The dining room became a play area for the girls and the crew turned one wall into a chalkboard. I was asked to create a mural that would be meaningful to the family. I came to the conclusion that it would be great to include the family in the mural as well as some of the girls’ favorite things like butterflies and puppies. I made sketches and even practiced large scale on my driveway.

chalk mural

I arrived early on a Sunday morning and could feel the excitement as I was surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the dedicated crew. I set up and several hours later had finished the mural. I was amazed how the apartment had transformed and could not wait to see the family’s reaction. Later that afternoon the family came for the big reveal. They loved the whole apartment and the girls immediately began to add their own artwork to the mural. It was such a great feeling seeing them enjoy the mural. I feel so fortunate to have played a small part in such an awesome project.

Be sure to check out the episode! ThriftShopDivaTV