Wedding Cake Toppers

A wedding cake topper will be talked about just as much as the cake… and almost as much as the dress. So don’t skip out on this small but very important detail on your special day! When the camera is rolling you will want a cake topper that looks magnificent. This is your chance to create a keepsake you will treasure forever!

Wedding cake toppers are meant to be a reflection of the newly married couple. So highlight what is unique about you. What do you both love to do? What are your goals or dreams for the life you are both creating together? These are essential things to think about when deciding on a cake topper.












A cake topper can range from traditional to unique to humorous. It is up to you what kind of topper you want. Traditional wedding cake toppers can be very elegant, yet can still be appropriately detailed to look like the couple. Add details that make it special for you. If you want to venture away from traditional, the only limits are your imagination. Should you be snow skiing or riding a horse? Perhaps you both love to fish or play soccer. Your hobbies and interests can easily be included in your wedding cake topper. Your cake topper can be love birds, bells, or even penguins. Pick your colors. Pick your style. Pick your theme. Make your custom cake topper mean something to you!

Jennifer Costello Designs will make a wedding cake topper that you’re sure to love. Give yourself a break and let me think of the details. Vividly hand painted and made from premium air dried clay, I deliver a cake topper that you will be proud to display for years to come. Let me help you add the finishing touches to your special day.

To create the perfect cake topper I’ll need some details. Let me know if it’s just the two of you, if you want to include your pets or anything else that is meaningful to you. I work from photographs to make your cake topper just right. For questions and pricing please email or check out my Etsy page